Travel with Intention

13 Tips for Staying in a Hostel

Here are my 13 Tips for Staying in a Hostel! I stayed in a hostel in Barcelona and wanted to share my experience with you, as well as what I wish I knew. If you have loved any hostels you've stayed at or have a horror story to share, let me know...

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How to Fly Cheap

The question I get more than ANY other question has finally been answered! "How do you fly so often? Any advice for finding cheap flights?" Well, I am not going to lie. Right now I have a pretty amazing flight hook up, but before I did, I...

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Hawaii Vlog – Part One

Hawaii was so fun! We are doing a video where we rate and review everything we did in Hawaii once the vlog series is completely posted. Let me know any questions you have in the comments so we can answer them! Feel free to reach out : Kaila...

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