Finish Your Book
Elevate Your Author Platform

Monetize with Ease
The Details
The Write with Intention Retreat will be in BALI! 

On this journey we will be focusing on finishing your book, elevating your author platform and monetizing with ease. 

I have been having so much fun planning this entire event and preparing the content for a group of such high vibe, incredible women that are going to get together and create this sisterhood.

When I visualized this retreat, I didn’t want everyone to attend workshops and then have to go uber to different hotels. I wanted to stay in a luxury villa all together and have the most amazing mastermind type sleepover of all time. Picture your transportation is taken care of when you arrive, a chef preparing all of your meals, and we are drinking out of coconuts by the pool talking about our wins. Just take care of your flight to Bali, and I've got you covered.

I wanted a safe space where we could create lasting bonds but I could also offer the one on one support you need to get you to that next level.

The Value
My mission is for you to finish your book, elevate your author platform, and monetize with ease.

Let’s talk about some of what you’ll be learning on the Write with Intention Retreat in Bali this September.

There will be surprises sprinkled throughout your retreat but here is what I can tell you.

Besides getting to know each other in paradise at the pool...

We are going to start with our mornings writing as we dig deep into alignment with a meditation and affirmation practice that will really get you into the flow when writing. We will do a few practices to show how much you can get done when you are in flow versus at the computer for hours and hours in hustle mode. 

Don’t worry, we will have some evening sessions too for those night writers because we are going to see when is your absolute peak time to write in alignment.

We will have feedbacks and critics in groups with shares to encourage each other that fear of failure no longer exists. 

SOME of the amazing workshops include:

-The Intentions Workshop
We are going to get really clear on your intentions for the retreat, your goals, and your deepest fears. This is where you really opening up about you need to be and why you haven’t gotten there. The connections and breakthroughs are going to be so real and amazing.

-Elevate Your Author Platform
Let's talk about how you get raving fans and convert them into customers. 

-Monetize with Ease
Get clear and confident about your messaging and offer to increase your income and impact.

-Money Manifestation
You don’t have to be the broke writer.

-Build Your Calendar
Based on your everything you’ve learned, we will have a workshop dedicated to making your own calendar (based on your goals) for your social media/books/publishing and launches. 
Guest Influencer

Kristen Martin

Kristen Martin is a self-published international best selling author, entrepreneur, and writing coach. Some of you may know her from her popular Youtube channel where she gives writing tips to almost 27,000 subscribers or her podcast That Smart Hustle.

Kristen and I will be co-teaching certain workshops and she will be teaching a guest workshop of her very own! Kristen and I will both be staying with you at the villa with eyes on your work in progress and on your goals, answering all of your questions along the way.
Bonus #1
Goodie Bags

Upon arrival, you are going to get an amazing goodie bag filled with surprises valued at over $50!

I can’t tell you what's inside, but you will be snapping all the goodies for Instagram I’m sure. 

Bonus #2
Live Write-In Monthly Membership Until December
I’m a big believer in being prepared for what you are going into. You want to bring your best self into this retreat and get started on your goals right now!

On May 1st I launch my Live Write-In Monthly Membership Program. This is where I go live once a week in a secret membership area not only keeping you accountable but where I am available to answer all of your questions when I go live!

The ladies who register for this retreat will have free access to this monthly membership site until DECEMBER. That's a $189 value, absolutely free if you register during Early Bird Registration.

I wanted this amazing group of women to have this access to me and that accountability as soon as possible through National Novel Writing Month this year.

I truly believe accountability makes such a massive difference when you are accomplishing your goals. So the sooner you register, the more value you are truly receiving. 

I didn’t want anyone to have to wait until the retreat to start reaching their highest potential!
Bonus #3
Hustle Smarter Not Harder Webinar
You will be getting full access to Kristen’s online course, which is a $197 value, FOR FREE! 

“The Hustle Smarter, Not Harder webinar series is designed to help you discover your passion, find tangible ways to turn that passion into profit, and manage your time most effectively so that you can actually live your dream life. It is comprised of 5 main sections.

In Section 1, I talk about the importance of the quality of your thoughts, and dive deeper into how what you think actually creates your reality. I also give examples and exercises that I use on a daily basis to shift to the right headspace before sitting down to write or work on a project. 

In Section 2, we go through specific activities to help clarify what the life you’ve always dreamed of looks like, how to truly identify your passion and its many facets, and ways to start scaling that passion into a profitable business, even if you're just in the beginning stages!

In Section 3, we do a deep-dive into setting and actually achieving goals, how to increase productivity and efficiency tenfold, the system I use to balance and manage my time most effectively, and concrete actionable steps you can take now to scale your idea, business, or project into something tangible that can make you money. I show exactly how I manage and balance my time, as well as provide interactive exercises many people haven’t seen before in order to "get 'er done", like writing the first draft of a book in one to two months!

In Sections 4 and 5, we go over how to actually launch your idea, project, or business and how to maintain and grow it. I provide the actual 23-point checklist I use when it comes to launching my idea, project, or business (and it’s something that can be used across any category/industry), as well as the 10-point checklist for what I do to maintain the current level of success and grow it to unbelievable new heights, like increasing my author platform 17x in just one year!

The webinar series does come with a 50-page supplemental workbook that contains all of the aforementioned exercises, and even if you miss your time slot, you will be sent a replay link via email to watch them whenever you'd like.”
Bonus #4
Group and 1:1 Coaching
Before we even get to the retreat, we are going to get on a group coaching call! I am so excited for this! 

The sisterhood will begin before we even arrive in Bali. We are digging deep on identity and our writing journey with a group coaching call where we are going to really get to know each other for our first breakthrough lesson.

 This will go along with a Private Facebook group that will carry through October and November (National Novel Writing Month). Here you can post, tag and motivate each other through words of encouragement or celebrate your wins!

If you take advantage of the Early Bird Registration, you will also be getting a 1:1 coaching call with me before the retreat so we can really take look at your goals and what may be blocking you. This will ensure we start making an action plan and working on those steps before we even get to Bali.
Bonus #6
The Preptober Mastermind

I truly believe in going forward home, not back home, in order to create lasting change. 

This life-changing Bali Retreat is in September for a reason. As most of you know October is known as ‘Preptober’ as most people are preparing for National Novel Writing Month. With all of the amazing information taught at the retreat, I wanted to have a weekly Preptober masterminds over zoom meetings the entire month of October.

You will ALSO be having separate meetings with your picture perfect critique partners from the retreat creating sisterhoods that last well past National Novel Writing Month!

The Facebook group will be active during this time to chat about the group coaching calls, plus you will have access to the live write-in monthly membership. This will be a month of momentum and implementation. 


Are you ready to go to Bali?
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